Performer Sia claimed becoming a mother transformed her in every way and she is actually intending to embrace even more youngsters

Sia recently adopted two eighteen year old sons

Australian singer Sia, a 44 years old popular singer is getting the essence of motherhood since she adopted kids. Recently she said that last year she adopted two eighteen year’s old sons. In one of the recent interviews, she talked about parenthood. She also added that she saw one of the boys in a television documentary.

They were living in a foster care home. Sia is compassionate about parenting and motherhood gave a completely new life to her. She learned about patience and compassion after adoption.

What else did Sia mention about parenthood and adoption

She added that learning to add boundaries is important in life. Being a single parent is not that easy and requires great support. She has the freedom to ask questions. In addition, she understood what means to love someone unconditionally is. She is also planning to adopt more kids in the future.

Sia is one of the prominent singers in Hollywood and is a Grammy-nominated singer. Being so popular, she is not ready to spoil her kids. She added that she would never be such a parent who would spoil her kids for the excuse of name and fame. In a recent interview, she claimed that she is a responsible mother and up brings her kids properly.

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